Product Name

Allium Cepa

Latin Name



Flakes –Minced – Powder

Product Forms


Season Crop

Range In Color Yellow , Red ,White


Reliable Standby for Cooking Almost Anything. Onions Turn a Rich, Dark Brown When Cooked and Give Onion Soup It's Tangy Sweet Flavor. 

Flavor / Aroma

Demi-Cylindric Leaves, growing from A Subterranean Bulb Which Carries Shallow Roots. Erect Stem, Generally Springing in The Second Year of the Plant's Development ,Holding An Umbel Of White Or Pink Flowers At The Top Of It

General Description

Dehydrated Onion is used mainly in cocking all over the world, and Egyptian Onion is different and has a very good properties better than other Onion from other origins. Onion is made by grinding dehydrated onion into a powder. It isn’t as pungent as fresh onions, but it’s a great time-saver. Onion used as a seasoning as an ingredient in many types of dishes, such as meat and vegetable dishes, casseroles and soups. Onion is also an ingredient in some commercially-prepared foods, such as sauces, soups, and salad dressings. useful in remedy for tuberculosis, cardiac troubles, dyspepsia, leprosy, welling and blood impurities.